The Obama Agenda is Working…

24 Sep

Camden Disbands Police Department

The progressive agenda pushed by successive Democrat administrations, at all levels, is beginning to bear the predictable fruit of its implementation.  Transferring the wealth of the middle class, largely white Christian employed population to the the largely black and minority, unemployed and unemployable … in the words of Obama ” … so everyone has a shot” was always going to wind up looking like this…

…reality comes to the US, and specifically its poorest city, Camden, which is a twofer, doubling down also as America’s deadliest city. It turns out Camden is about to become even deadliest-er, as its police force is set to be disbanded following a budget crisis in this effectively insolvent city..

If Obama is re-elected expect this kind of thing to become a regular occurrence… because he believes in it…



Zero Hedge

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