Harper’s War on Women (Judges) Continues…

2 Oct

Harper’s hidden agenda is becoming clear – economic freedom, low taxes, tough on crime, national defense – and a war on women — judges…

Harper nominates Quebec male judge to Supreme Court

While Judge Wagner’s name has come up regularly in Quebec legal circles as a legitimate nominee, most Supreme Court watches considered it unlikely that Mr. Harper would reduce the complement of women on the bench to three.

The “Story” in the Globe and Mail is that Harper can right this wrong next time around..

However, Mr. Harper can redress the gender imbalance on the court within the next couple of years should he choose to do so. Two more Quebec vacancies will arise when Mr. Justice Morris Fish reaches mandatory retirement in 2013, and when Mr. Justice Louis LeBel retires in 2014.

Canada – where Judges are chosen on the basis of their genitalia… what could possibly go wrong?

Globe and Mail


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