Obama’s October Surprise?

4 Oct

Obama (Peace be Upon Him) will do ANYTHING to stay in power –

After having his ass handed to him in front of 60 million Americans and countless others around the world on live TV last night, it is unlikely any over-sampling of Democrats in the polls is going to save Obama’s campaign.

If Romney starts pulling ahead in the polls, expect the Obama regime to pull out all the stops to stay in power.

With Turkey and Syria blowing up, Libya and Egypt becoming bigger embarrassments for the administration and Iran on the brink of financial collapse… would an Obama ordered military attack on any or all of the above, prior to November 6 be a surprise to anyone but the far left of his base?

UPDATE:  Naval Update: T-Minus One Week Until Arabian Sea Destination Reached

UPDATE 2: Former CIA Official: Obama ‘October Surprise’ Airstrike in Libya ‘Would Be Criminal’

With that level of politicization of our defense strategy in the White House, this official states that a “wag the dog” scenario, in which airstrikes are undertaken in order to make the president seem stronger going into an election, is a very real possibility. “We’re 30 days before the election,” he said. “People have been crying wolf over ‘wag the dog’ since the movie came out. But this would be it. There’s not one intelligence officer – even the Director of National Intelligence – who could look you in the eye and say, ‘Sure, the intelligence is good enough for a surgical strike using smart weapons from above.’



Buckle up America…

Zero Hedge


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