Trudeau’s “People”?

9 Oct

The National Post’s Michael Den Tandt breathlessly reports that Margaret Sinclair’s and Pierre Trudeau’s love child Justin has “people” on his team with “brain power up the wazoo…”

His campaign director was a senior advisor in the Dalton McGuinty Ontario government back when it was still popular. His day-to-day go-to man has two master’s degrees, one of them in economic history, and is a former director of the Liberal research bureau. His best friend on the campaign wrote the platforms with which McGuinty had his greatest electoral success. His brother understands foreign policy from up close, having travelled to and written about some of the nastiest trouble spots on earth.

Two McGuinty acolytes, a guy with not one but two whole degrees and a gifted brother who wrote something about the third world… What could possibly go wrong?

This was not something scratched together on the back of an envelope, in other words. It is not a spontaneous speech, nor is Trudeau entirely comfortable delivering it, yet. But he’ll get better. And it will resonate. It was crafted by people who know precisely what they’re doing.

All they need now is a full time hair dresser.

Dream on Michael, dream on…

National Post


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