The “Big Bird Doctrine” – Obama’s Foreign Policy

10 Oct

President Obama, peace be upon him, has pivoted from the Middle East and is now concentrating on saving Big Bird from Mitt Romney.

Barry is dealing with the tough policy issues facing the nation…

This is the “Leader of the Free World”?

In the meantime, Obama’s crack team over at State are explaining the death of a US  Ambassador, killed, we were told as a result of a Youtube video

State Department officials testifying at the hearing defended security arrangements in Benghazi and said the compound was struck by what Charlene Lamb, a top official in the department’s Diplomatic Security bureau, called “a full-scale assault that was unprecedented in size and intensity.”

We had the correct number of assets in Benghazi at the time of 9/11 for what had been agreed upon,” Lamb told lawmakers.

Presumably, the correct number of assets in Benghazi on 9/11 was One...

Romney, we are told, jumped the gun…

America – you have a choice in November…




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