Europe Burns, EU Gets “Peace Prize”

12 Oct

Let’s face it, the Nobel crowd flushed what little credibility it may have had down the crapper when it awarded Obama, peace be upon him, the Peace Prize a few years ago.  At least at that point, Barry hadn’t ordered the killing of anyone (that we know of…), and hadn’t backed the thugs of Occupy…

The Commies at Noble just outdone themselves…

… the European Union is to be awarded the prize for supposedly keeping the peace in Europe for the last sixty years…

Daftest of all is the notion that the EU itself has kept the peace. It was the Allies led by the Americans, the Russians and the British who defeated and disarmed the Germans in 1945. The German people then underwent the most extraordinary reckoning, transforming their country into an essentially pacifist society. The EU had very little to do with it. Throughout that period it was Nato, led by the Americans and British, which kept the peace in Western Europe. The American taxpayer picked up most of the resulting tab, and the British paid a significant part of the bill too.



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