Obama’s Mid East Policy Should be no Mystery…

12 Oct

John Brennan, Huma Abedin, Salam Al-Marayati …

His Administration is full of Islamists…

The fact that Brennan is one of the chief advisors to President Obama explains a lot about the decisions Obama has made since taking office with regard to protecting the nation against al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. It explains Obama’s now famous “apology tour” of the Middle East that he took in 2009 and his conciliatory speech delivered at the University of Cairo.

Michelle Bachmann raised questions about things over at the State Department…and was vilified

Perhaps after Benghazi she’ll be vindicated...

The Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of the Obama administration was put into even sharper relief after the Libya attacks when a prominent – and highly controversial – figure in the Islamist infrastructure in America, Salam al-Marayati president of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Public Affairs Council, was made an official U.S. representative at an international human rights conference in October in Warsaw. In response to well-founded criticism about Marayati’s long record of anti-semitism, support for terrorist groups and ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the State Department spokeswoman actually defended him as “valued and highly credible.”

Warning Signs, Brietbart



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