Meet the New Commander in Chief…

23 Oct

Relentlessly reassuring Romney

When one is competing to be the leader of the only “Superpower” on the planet, with the military capacity to destroy entire nations, reassuring is good

Romney often acted as if he were the only person on the stage — like a man trying to paint a self-portrait in the midst of a food fight. The image that emerged was a foreign policy moderate in tone and substance. Romney seemed a man who holds certain values but lacks disruptive projects and causes. He criticized Obama’s foreign policy mainly on implementation — pressure for Middle Eastern reform should have come earlier, Iranian sanctions should be tighter — rather than proposing an alternative grand strategy…

Obama’s incessant aggressiveness was a lingering reaction to the passivity of his first debate performance. For someone who believes navies and bayonets are equally outdated, Obama has a rhetorical tendency to fight the last war.

When you lose the Washington Post…

Washington Post


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