Of Bayonets and Smaller Navies

23 Oct

An overrehearsed “zinger” by the Zinger in Chief in last night’s debate – while amusing to the media (and apparently Obama), illustrates just how little the current Commander in Chief knows about the military he purports to command, and how little respect he has for the military and the men and women serve.

The US (and other countries’) military still use bayonets to protect freedom, and when is comes to navies – size and quantity matter…

It’s one thing to say that you want a smaller, less capable American navy for some reason — or that you are willing to accept a reduced American capacity to project power around the world.  It’s another thing to suggest that these ships are examples of why we don’t need a large Navy.  In fact, the model of power projection built around these ships is exactly why we need a large Navy.  The ships are evidence for the opposite of the President’s argument.

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