Winners Win…Losers Talk

23 Oct

Is there any chance Romney knows what he is doing?

All day long following the foreign policy debate, conservative commentators, pundits and talk radio callers have been whinging about Romney not attacking Obama over Libya.  Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and most others on the right (with the possible exception of Anne Coulter) continue to question Romney’s conservative bona fides.

For months we heard many on the right complain about Romney over his apparent evolving views on abortion, health care mandates and foreign policy.  This past week we have heard people advising the Romney campaign on where to spend resources in the final weeks of the campaign. Pat Caddell calls the Romney campaign the “worst in history”…

Romney defied all the experts by winning the primaries, he stuck to his game plan throughout the spring and summer. He chose his running mate despite conventional wisdom suggesting Ryan would be more millstone than touchstone. He capitalized on the RNC convention and throughout August, September and October solidified his base and won over more and more independents.

All his debate performances have provided his campaign with increasing momentum and significant increases in support in traditionally blue states and looks poised to take the election with a significant mandate in both the popular vote and the electoral college.

When one runs to lead on a platform of competence, experience and an ability to succeed, and demonstrates throughout his campaign exactly those attributes, in the face of withering opposition and skepticism (often from his own party), with the resulting level of support and acceptance by a growing majority of the key groups of voters he needs – isn’t it time to give Romney and his team the benefit of the doubt that they know what they’re doing, and let them do it?

After all – isn’t that what is expected in a President?




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