Mann vs. Steyn – Rare Laureate on Laureate Action…

24 Oct

How fortunate this blog has whole category for Mann Made Bullshit.

Mark Steyn has commented on Dr. Michael Mann’s ignoble and foolhardy defamation suit brought against Steyn, NRO, CEI and others… Fortunately at this point, Steyn has restricted his response to “cheap ad hominem cracks.

…So, in that sense, yes, indeed, he “was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.” Phew. For a moment, I was worried he might be exaggerating a bit — bending the curve upwards, so to speak.

In the same spirit, I see that I’ve just been awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. Under Ireland’s citizenship law, I’m an Irish national (through my father). Ireland is a member of the European Union. The EU has just been given the Nobel Peace Prize. QED. Come to think of it, my mother’s Belgian, so I’ve been awarded two Nobel Peace Prizes.

Should be an interesting affair – can’t wait for the discovery.



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