White People – “The” Key Voting Group

25 Oct

CNN asks the burning question…

Could Obama’s struggles with white voters cost him the election?

“Obama in 08 became the first presidential candidate ever to lose whites by double digits and win. And he could lose them by even more this time and still win. But he can’t fall through the floor with them, and the polling shows him … right at the water line of 40 percent that he’ll need, maybe just below sometimes just above,” said Ron Brownstein, the National Journal editorial director and CNN senior political analyst.

White people who don’t like Obama don’t like him because his policies suck – and that’s important… so is the math from the 2010 US census:

Whites – 72% , Blacks 13%, Asian 6%, Hispanic 16% –

Voter Turnout – Whites- 49%, Blacks 42%, Asian 31%, Hispanic 30%

To answer CNN’s question – YES it will…

CNN, US Census, Wisc-Online


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