Romney’s Perfect Storm

29 Oct

Gathering Storm

Hurricane Sandy notwithstanding, the Obama campaign faces a perfect storm in the confluence of an expanding state by state battleground, the steady movement of independents and soft Obama voters to Romney and demographics.  The left has long held that the changing face of the American population would help their chances — oops…

Percent of Population Racial Group Percentage Obama – Romney
73.2 White 35 — 65
11.5 Black 96 — 4
10.4 Hispanic 65 — 35
3.7 Asian 53 — 47
0.7 Native American 60 — 40
0.5 Other 45 — 55


Time for Dems to Hit Panic Button

Their plan was to disqualify Romney at the outset, rather than other up a compelling agenda for a second term. They essentially decided to run a challenger’s race, dragging down the opponent in a wave of negative ads. When Romney took the stage at the first debate in Denver, he didn’t just defeat Obama, he defeated Obama’s entire campaign plan. The Romney on the stage didn’t match the caricature painted by Obama and the media. It gave him an opening which he seized.

Even if they were capable, there simply is not enough time for the Dems to recalibrate in time for November 6.

Unskewed Polls, Breitbart



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