Czar Bloomberg Issues More Edicts…

31 Oct

Salt, Soda Pop, Smoking now the Emasculate Leader of New York City is mandating how people can drive their cars…

Bloomberg Issues Minimum Passenger Mandate For Cars Entering Manhattan

The mayor announced during his Wednesday afternoon press conference that effective Thursday morning there will be restrictions on cars entering the borough.

I have ordered the four East River bridges be restricted to high-occupancy vehicles coming into Manhattan, meaning three or more people per vehicle, all day Thursday and all day Friday from 6 a.m. to midnight,” Bloomberg said.

No need for an overthrow of government to instal fascism – all you need these days is a storm…

No dictator will ever need to declare martial law in America. All he’ll need to do is issue a “severe weather advisory” and everyone will stay indoors until they’re told it’s safe to come out.

Mark Steyn

What are the odds the edict NEVER gets repealed?


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