Obama’s Labor Math – “Pretty Lost…”

31 Oct

Obama himself admitted to Jay Leno that when it comes to arithmetic, he’s pretty lost…

“Well, the math stuff I was fine with up until about seventh grade. But Malia is now a freshman in high school and — I’m pretty lost. You know, it’s tough.

We don’t need to take his word for it – last month when the BLS recorded 114,000 new jobs the unemployment rate dropped 3/10 of one percent (that’s an annualized improvement of nearly 4%…) …

Here’s a math problem for the smartest guy in the room.  If 114,000 jobs created in one month lowers the unemployment rate by .3%, what will the unemployment rate be when 122,462 jobs are lost as a result of September’s 1316 “Mass Layoff Notices”?

Answer: – We may never know before November 6….

U.S. Labor Department spokesman Carl Fillichio said the government is doing its best to put out October’s unemployment numbers as scheduled on Friday.

“The employees at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are working hard to ensure the timely release of employment data on Friday, November 2,” Fillichio said. “It is our intention that Friday will be business as usual regarding the October Employment Situation Report.”

More at Michelle Malkin


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