Reagan is Dead. Get Over it

19 Nov

Alan Caruba still struggling with what went wrong

Republican Regrets and Revisions

The Republican Party has, it would appear, turned off a lot of single women. The married ones seem to like it. As someone who has never understood women, I am the last person to comment on this, but I still don’t understand why I am expected to pay for their contraceptives…
Conservatives have been obsessed with abortion for, well, forever. Simply said it is the murder of a human life. Frankly, I can’t get around this one. It is immoral. I am reluctant, however, to demand that it be made illegal again. I think we have come too far from the days when it was. In the end, I come down on the side of the women that must make the decision. It’s their body, not mine. Their morals, not mine. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 54% percent of Americans now identify themselves as pro-choice.
This is what happens when an election comes along and slaps you upside the head and makes you think about what you’re thinking about.
The scariest part of all this is just how bought into the Democrat message the Republicans seem to be – Instead of working on the message and messenger, too many Republicans appear to inclined to roll over and become Dem-lite. Bad move.
Buck up America – the world needs you

Warning Signs


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