Gaza Style

20 Nov

Well there are war crimes and then there are war crimes – then there are Muslim assholes in Gaza…


These are the savages former NDP MP Jim Manly and his pals in the NDP and Liberal Party support with their money their voices and their actions.



Lynch mob ... Palestinian gunmen ride motorcycles as they drag the body of a man (not seen.

Gaza’s motorcycle lynch mob: ‘spies’ executed, corpse dragged through streets

Witnesses said six men had earlier been taken onto a main street in the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood in Gaza City and forced to lay down on the ground, where they were shot to death.

The rest of Pollard’s article seems to treat the dead as guilty, the incident an aberration, the sentiments understandable, and the possibility of Muslim resistance to terrorist Hamas inconceivable – and I wonder if the same leniency would have been extended to Jews shooting “collaborators” and dragging their bodies through the street:

“Some of the names that have been mentioned to me tonight [as collaborators who were killed] had already been charged and sentenced to death. They were not just taken from the street today and shot,” Mr Yousef said.

Charged by whom? Sentenced by whom? Which court ordered the dragging of the bodies?

“Collaborators are a very serious issue in Palestinian society. According to many hundreds of cases there have been extremely serious crimes committed by collaborators, especially in situations like this.”

According to many in the media, this kind of thing is “justified”

No mention of the tons of aid Israel continues to send into Gaza while the Islamists continue to fire rockets into Israel.


Andrew Bolt, National Post


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