“Anything we do will be a tax cut at that point, because taxes will have gone up.”

24 Nov

All Liberal logic is circular…

Patty Murray likely to be a key voice in Senate on budget deal

Starting with a speech at the Brookings Institution in July and continuing in a series of interviews last week, Murray, in her typically non-bombastic fashion, has argued that Democrats shouldn’t take a bad deal in December when their political leverage will only increase in the new year.

Because it’s all about what is best for the “people”….

That’s because next month, tax cuts first enacted under President George W. Bush will expire for everybody. Murray reasons that might make it easier to get Republicans to agree to reinstate the cuts only for the middle class and let the nation’s wealthiest 2 percent pay more toward the reducing the debt, as Democrats desire.

Which is probably what the testosterone challenged Republicans will do –  doesn’t make Murray a “brilliant” strategist.

Republicans should let the Dems put everything they want in place and then sit back and watch the collapse.  It’s what the American people voted for…

Washington Post


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