WSJ Columnist Finds “Red Dawn” Remake Xenophobic…

27 Nov

Tao Jones worried about “holes in the plot”…

How ‘Red Dawn’ Could Have Been Remade Without the Xenophobia

Given the appeal of the fantastic in contemporary cinema, I think Vinson and his fellow producers missed a huge opportunity — especially given that we no longer live in a time when people associate the color red with the threat of global communism.

No – now its Blue…

Why not aliens instead of Asians? Extraterrestrial invaders, attacking from a staging base on the red planet Mars! At least advanced technology would provide an explanation for some of the plot’s obvious gaffes — an EMP attack that knocks out nukes and radar but does nothing to cars, consumer electronics and the power grid?

Why not indeed – or perhaps jihadists with turbans and dynamite vests 

Or why not go with Beau’s sarcastic suggestion, and depict an assault from the mythical creatures of faery — elves and trolls and goblins, spirits of fire and creatures of darkness, wielders of the red metal copper due to their fear of deadly iron?

Because its waaaay more believable that “Faeries” and Aliens would invade the US than wild eyed Commies from across the Pacific  – wouldn’t want anymore need for ” disbelief at its ludicrous setup, traverse around its gaping plot holes and swallow its manipulative, horse-pill jingoism.”

Perhaps Tao may be a tad sensitive on this one…

WSJ via Brietbart


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