Mr. and Mrs. Susan Rice – Tax the Rich

29 Nov

After all they voted for it….

Conflict-of-interest issue for Rice on Keystone XL project?

Rice and her husband, a producer at ABC News, have a net worth between $26 million and $39 million, making Rice one of the wealthiest members of Obama’s Cabinet.  There is nothing wrong with that, of course, and the overall wealth shows that this investment is a very small part of Rice’s portfolio.  However, that may not matter to those who oppose Rice’s nomination, nor to those who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, two very different constituencies that might have a common cause if Obama sends her name in nomination to the Senate.

Meanwhile …

According to her May 2012 financial disclosure, Rice has an investment in TransCanada Corporation worth between $300,000 and $600,000. TransCanada is angling for the State Department’s permission to build the final portion of the Keystone XL pipeline — a 1,700-mile conduit for crude oil between Canadian deposits and Texas refineries.

If she were confirmed as secretary of state, Rice would have final authority to green-light the large section of the pipeline project still languishing in regulatory purgatory.

If she can lie on 5 National News shows about Benghazi, what’s a little conflict of interest…

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