Bin Laden is Dead and GM is Alive

3 Dec

And Al Qaeda is booming – so  to speak….

The Washington Post reports on the reemergence of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). According to Bruce Reidel, a former CIA counterterrorism expert now with the Brookings Institution, “what we’re now seeing is al Qaeda in Iraq’s revival, not only as a movement in that country but as a regional movement.” Reidel notes that from its base in the Sunni provinces west of Baghdad, AQI is building networks in Syria and Jordan “at an alarming rate.”

The same cannot be said for AQI and, of course, Iran. AQI is now major force in Iraq, a growing force in Syria, and a threat to Jordan. That’s part of the steep price being paid for Obama’s disengagement.

Obama Foreign Policy – lead from behind, holiday in Hawaii and work on the slice…

Power Line


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