Tax the Rich…err…

6 Dec

Obama voters are about to get what they asked for – higher taxes – for everyone

Britain: 5m will be paying higher-rate tax:

…hundreds of thousands of families who do not consider themselves wealthy are being pushed into a tax band which they thought was reserved for the well-off.

Because they always just “re-define” rich….

Official figures, from HM Revenue and Customs, show there were three million higher-rate taxpayers when the Coalition came to power in May 2010.

Today there are 3.8million, an increase of 800,000 people, who include families struggling to pay a large mortgage, record fuel prices and crippling energy bills.

Coming soon to America – in the States, as in Britain,  there just aren’t enough “rich” people to fund the handouts, and Obama is running out of their money faster than they can hide it…

Daily Mail


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