Right to be Assholes – Madison Redux in Lansing

12 Dec


“I’ve now become oddly accustomed to fat violent paramilitary thugs attempting to take state capitols by force.”

 The passage of right to work legislation in Michigan represents an interesting development in the aftermath of Obama’s reelection. For the left, of course, this cannot stand. One can infer the intensity of the opposition from the quotes in the page-one New York Times story by Monica Davey, at the top of the RealClearPolitics honor roll this morning.

Davey leaves out a few items that illuminate the import of the legislation. For example, Davey omits much in the way of background on the bill. For that you had to go to Jillian Kay Melchior’s profile of the first-term Republican state representative devoted to the cause.

She also omitted (as did most of the media) the the reprehensible, violent and ignorant actions by the obese comrades bussed to Lansing by the mobsters in the union “movement”…

Power Line


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