Justin Trudeau Hates Women, Gays… Loves Jihad…

21 Dec

His dad embraced Commie murderers, Justin loves Jihad…

Justin Trudeau’s Islamist Revival…

Although organizers pitch the gathering as “A Unique Youth Effort” “to help overcome new challenges of communication and integration” and “reviv[e] the Islamic tradition of education, tolerance and introspection…

That’s one way to characterize Islamic “tradition”…

This year’s conference was initially sponsoredin part by IRFAN-Canada, an international Muslim relief entity that has seen its federal charitable tax status yanked by Ottawa, as a result of the Canada Revenue Agency’s belief that millions in contributions went to “relieve” the Hamas terror organization. Although exposure of this background forced IRFAN’s eleventh-hour cosmetic removal as an RIS sponsor, it is not evident that all remaining sponsors are clear of radical taint. UBS Bank recently blocked the overseas account of British-based charity and RIS 2012 sponsor Islamic Relief, a situation which an Islamic Relief official reportedly attributes to the technicalities of counterterrorism regulations.

The Boy Blunder will share the stage with a cast of Jew, Gay, woman and Christian hating terrorists:

Jamal Badawi: Professor Emeritus, St Mary’s University, Halifax, and held by the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report to be “a leader in many of the most important organizations of the Global and U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

Imam Zaid Shakir: A U.S. cleric tending to trade in 9/11 conspiracy theories, aiming for Islamic rule of America, and believing that the U.S. government is at war with Islam—a poor example for the Muslim youth at any conference.

Edina Lekovic: Policy director at the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

Tariq Ramadan, the charming, soft-spoken and dupe-seducing scion of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood—a man who famously called for a moratorium, rather than a ban, on the stoning of women, and avoids condemning Hamas

Trudeau’s team said the Dec. 22 event will help him reach out to young voters.

Salma Sidiqui, president of the Muslim Canadian Congress, said it was unfortunate Trudeau was reaching out to individuals who “would snuff out liberalism and stifle free speech in the name of Islam.”

“If Mr. Trudeau wishes to reach out to Muslims, he should first learn how to distinguish between ordinary Canadian Muslims [and] Islamists who owe their loyalty to overseas Muslim Brotherhood-influenced organizations.

That would require a level of judgement and common sense, which is a gene that seems to have skipped the Trudeau Family….

But the media still loves them….

CNS, Toronto Sun



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