What the Left Wants is a Well Regulated “Free Press”

2 Jan

Because the “truth” needs to be managed by those who know best.

The Levenson Inquiry into the infamous UK “phone hacking” affair – which is really little more than a poorly disguised attack by the left on Fox/News Corp – turns out to be the work of a small, but dedicated group of British socialists (no doubt either gay or married to women with hyphenated names… or both…) whose primary goal is to reduce the media to a mouthpiece for the Left.

Levenson’s report reads suspiciously like nearly word for word like a book by lefty Brian Cathcart – Everybody’s Hacked Off…

After the publication of his voluminous report demanding a new press regulator backed by law, many wondered how Lord Justice Leveson managed to churn out 2,000 pages and almost a million words in such a relatively short time. A rather shorter book – Everybody’s Hacked Off: Why We Don’t Have the Press We Deserve and What To Do About It, by Brian Cathcart – provides at least part of the answer. Like many a famous author whose name appears on the cover these days, it appears that Leveson had the help of a ghost writer. In his case, it was Cathcart, professor of journalism at Kingston University and co-founder of the tabloid-bashing Hacked Off campaign.

Leveson produced a report based on the Hacked Off version of events and proposals centred on all of the demands listed in Cathcart’s book, for a new regulator underpinned by the law with the ‘clout’ to police and punish the press… Leveson instead proposed a statutory-backed regulator that could punish financially those that failed to submit – a sort of informal system of licensing by the back door. But his entire report was infused with the spirit of Hacked Off’s demands.

First they come for the presses, then they come for your guns….



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