“Idle No More” – Where a “Hunger Strike” is a Facebook Group…

4 Jan

After 4 Weeks, You’d Think She’d Have Shucked Off a Few Pounds

Canadian Press/Sean Kilpatrick


Chief Theresa Spence, who was previously best known for declaring states of emergency — arguably rooted in her own mismanagement —

As for Idle No More, the title is profoundly ironic. One of the main problems for native people is the idleness that comes with living on remote reserves such as Attawapiskat in Northern Ontario. However, the Idle No More movement is not aimed at attracting more jobs. In fact, it opposes the very legal changes — contained in Bill C-45 — that would facilitate development, such as making the leasing of reserve land easier, and loosening draconian environmental regulation (a process started last year with Bill C-38). Thus the movement might more appropriately be named “Idle Some More.”



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