Hagel Hates Jews, Gays and the Planet

7 Jan

But that’s about all he has going for him….

Hagel the Kyoto-Slayer

He was the key person behind the “Byrd-Hagel” resolution in the Senate in 1997 denouncing the Kyoto treaty in the draft form that existed at the time.   The Byrd-Hagel resolution was essentially a missile aimed at the Clinton administration that said Don’t even think of bringing this crap treaty to the Senate if it doesn’t include India and China.  It passed by a vote of 97 – 0; think of who was included in that vote for this to happen—such prominent “climate deniers” as Babs Boxer and John Kerry.

Perhaps Climate Change is no longer the great strategic threat it once was…

His confirmation hearings should be entertaining….

Power Line


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