Saying something is so, doesn’t make it so…

7 Jan

Another Gay Dilema – Of their own making…

Who Is A Mother When Same-Sex “Marriage” Arrives?

“First baby born in France in 2013 has two mothers

The story informs us the birth mother is named Maude, while her live-in companion is called Delphine. The ex-fetus, miraculously made a human being at birth, is christened Sacha….

Sacha, despite the headline has but one mother…

This is not opinion, but the necessary scientific, biological conclusion given the sexual procreative nature of human beings. A man was involved in the creation of Sacha, just as her mother Maude was.

That people have the right to call a thing what it is not is granted. I may, in a fit of sheer jollity, call a 1987 Buick Skylark a scrambled egg. But that doesn’t mean I could eat the car with a side of bacon. The absurdity reaches its full height if I insist that you must also call the car breakfast, lest you hurt my feelings.

A person cannot have two mothers; which is to say, the thing itself is impossible…

Wm Briggs


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