“…the right to bear arms is no anachronism.”

10 Jan

Why the Second Amendment still matters

It is this tyranny – of seizure of weapons by any government, whether federal or state – that the Second Amendment had in mind. This is why ‘the people’ and not states are given the right to bear arms. The prospect of such a tyranny has not faded with time. It is one reason why the Second Amendment remains relevant.

Finally, it should be noted that guns can also prevent tyranny and enforce equality. ‘God made men; Sam Colt made them equal’, as the frontier saying goes. In another of the many ironies of gun control, most of those who were liberal or left-wing prior to the 1970s sided against gun controls because they were most often directed at African-Americans, immigrants or others whom some thought were best left powerless.

A scared government is a good government…




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