More Circular Liberal Logic…

16 Jan

Mandated higher efficiency vehicles coupled with a dismal economy thanks to the socialist policy, results in lower gasoline tax revenue to fix highways…

Right out of the “you didn’t build that… someone else did that” school of economics…

So Naturally….Charging by the mile, a gas tax alternative

For example, mileage fees and other forms of road pricing such as tolling send clear price signals to road users, and provide incentives to drivers to consider alternatives such as public transit or carpooling which can reduce congestion, vehicle emissions, and overall spending on fossil fuels. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that most drivers currently pay much less than the full cost of their highway use, and that mileage fees could provide a better incentive for efficient highway use than fuel taxes do because the majority of highway costs are related to miles driven. In addition, we have reported that if those who benefit from a program do not bear the full social cost of the service, they may seek to have the government provide more of the service than is economically efficient.

So the socialist idea to “fix” falling gas tax revenues, is to institute a mileage tax to encourage drivers to drive fewer miles, thereby generating lower mileage tax revenues…

These are the same people who want to run health care and confiscate 200 million guns….

Grid Chicago via MISH’S


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