When It’s Cold it’s “Just Weather”

22 Jan

When its warm – we need more laws.

Arctic air mass descends on Toronto

The cold temperatures are hardly a surprise for this time of year, he said.

“It’s January. It’s that time of year when we expect the coldest temperatures,” said Mr. Kimbell. “That’s just the natural ebb and flow of weather in Canada.”

Meanwhile in Jolly Cold England – Climate Change is on the march…

It’s snowing, and it really feels like the start of a mini ice age – London Mayor Boris Johnson



“I am speaking only as a layman who observes that there is plenty of snow in our winters these days, and who wonders whether it might be time for government to start taking seriously the possibility — however remote — that Corbyn is right. If he is, that will have big implications for agriculture, tourism, transport, aviation policy and the economy as a whole. Of course it still seems a bit nuts to talk of the encroachment of a mini ice age.

But it doesn’t seem as nuts as it did five years ago. I look at the snowy waste outside, and I have an open mind.”

Globe and Mail, Watts Up With That, FP


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