More Great Moments in Gun Control…

29 Jan

And Muslim immigration…

In Australia, where the government has already restricted  confiscated all the guns (from law abiding, mostly Christian, citizens)….

HUNDREDS of NSW police officers have mounted a series of aggressive raids across western Sydney over the past five days, marking a dramatic shift in the force’s response to the city’s escalating gun violence.

The recent raids, which included officers from the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad and the anti-bikie Strike Force Raptor, targeted individuals thought to be involved in both the shootings and the city’s illegal firearms trade…

NSW police acting Organised Crime director Arthur Katsogiannis said it was vital the city’s Middle Eastern community broke down the “wall of silence” surrounding the recent crimes. “They know who’s got the guns,..”

Looks like old Oz banned the wrong things…

Australia has more Buddhists than Muslims…..

Andrew Bolt



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