Who Needs “High Capacity” Magazines…

31 Jan

This guy did…

Nunavut man who fired a semi-automatic rifle at five home intruders, killing three, has murder convictions overturned

At 3 a.m. Mr. Bishop called the RCMP saying men were trying to break in.

Long before help arrived, his front door started to give way to the kicking, and he retreated to his bedroom. He readied a gun.

He held what is called an SKS-D, which he legally owned. The semi-automatic rifle is supposed to hold only five bullets but Mr. Bishop fitted it with a 25-bullet “banana clip,” an illegal add-on that gives it a similar appearance to an AK-47.

The first man through the bedroom door carried a samurai sword. Another had a broken golf club…

Lucky for him…

A strong defense of self-defense in Canada…weird huh.

National Post


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