Mohamed Mohamud pushed the button twice…“the greatest morning of my life.”

4 Feb

Prosecuting Muslim bomber ‘alienates Muslims’?

Mohamud has been found guilty. And the Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR says has the audacity to say that the prosecution of Mohamud “alienates Muslims.”

Again, there it is. Plain as day. Hamas-CAIR exposes its real agenda yet again. The prosecution of this jihadist “alienates Muslims”? Shouldn’t Muslim groups be standing with those of us who are fighting against this very thing? They should be condemning this attempt at jihad mass murder. But no, instead they stand with the would-be murderer.

Entrapment? Could anyone “entrap” you into mass murdering tens of thousands of people?

Perhaps as critical – why is CAIR – the un-indicted co-conspirator to funding Hamas and the MoBro terror still allowed to exist as an organization in the US, and why does the media continue to look to CAIR for the “Muslim Perspective”?

rhetorical questions…

Pamela Geller WND





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