MyJihad is Protecting Individual Freedoms – What’s Yours?

5 Feb

Chicago Transit Authority capitulates to the First Amendment, will run AFDI anti-jihad ads

“…As to you prefatory comment about my client’s ad being morally reprehensible, I must note that you provide no basis for your professed moral outrage other than conclusory language about advocating racism, hatred and the like. For a lawyer employed by a state entity, your comments are both inappropriate and logically inept. My client’s ad advocates no such thing. That suggests, of course, that your commentary is a political cover for the CTA, which in turn speaks to the lack of intellectual integrity and moral rectitude of both the CTA and its spokespersons.

Be that as it may, the CTA has capitulated grudgingly, apparently, to the First Amendment of the Constitution. And, apparently, we have my clients to thank for that.

If its not free for all, its not free for any…

Jihad Watch



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