“Of course, the use of models to demonstrate this is simply bad science.”

5 Feb

From the chair Environmental Studies and Climate at Canada’s University of Victoria:

You know its almost over for the Alarmists…

You cannot base predictions on models that are not validated. Yes, the models contain a lot of well-known physical equations, but they also include a lot of ad hoc parameters and relationships that are based on weak empirical relations. Climate models are not validated, except against each other

The highest temperature projections are based on the poorest people in the world increasing their incomes from $246 (measured in real 1990 USD) to $49,000 per year by the end of the century; the lowest expected rise in the per capita income of the poorest people will see them earning $3,850 (again real 1990 US $) annually, or some 15 times more than now.

There are huge benefits to health and every other measure one cares to choose when one becomes rich. These more than outweigh any damage from climate change. Goklany recognizes this all too well, and while he provides the numbers, only someone with an ideological agenda can fail to recognize this…

Who knew….

via Andrew Bolt


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