Cling Fiercly to Your Guns…

14 Feb

In Britain, they took the guns away years ago – now they’re coming for the press…

…he sees it as the state’s right and responsibility to interfere in the affairs of the press…

Freedom in all of its forms is highly unfashionable in these miserable, misanthropic times. But it is right to say that there has been little or no real public debate about these crucial issues for the future of our society. And it is certain that the case for real press freedom has been all but absent from the deliberations to date. Forget the talk of ‘victims’ tests’ and ‘the Leveson principles’. The test of a civilised society remains the extent to which it can uphold the principle of freedom of expression. That is one test both the Tories and their critics are failing dismally.

And when the population is disarmed, freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…



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