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When They Say “Teens” They Mean “Blacks”

31 Mar

Chicago Police Swarm Mag Mile ‘Wilding’ Scene, Make Several Arrests

The phenomenon continues in Chicago and its suburbs. In February, a disturbance broke out at Ford City Mall after a meet-and-greet appearance by the boy band Mindless Behavior. A mall official blamed groups of “older  youths” and said it had nothing to do with the even”

Where all the White Kids at?

CBS Chicago


The EU Bank Run Update…

30 Mar

Today its Italy…

Italy’s Monte Paschi Admits To Billions In Deposit Outflows

In a somewhat wishy-washy, ‘hide-the-truth’-like statement on Monte dei Paschi’s website, the CEO admits to, “the withdrawal of several billion in deposits.” Of course, the reasons why these depositors withdrew their capital from the oldest bank in the world will never be known though of course he blames it on “reputational damage” from their derivative cheating scandal. Apparently the fact that this happened to come about six week after said scandal and the bank’s third bailout, and that the prior two bailouts did not result in such an outflow of unsecured liabilities (at least not to the public’s knowledge), was lost on the senior management, as was lost that a far greater catalyst may have been the slightly more troubling events in Cyprus in the second half of March.

Maybe France by May?….

Meanwhile…Eight steps to watch for….

So He’s Probably Against Gay Marriage…

30 Mar

Liberals love Muslims, Muslims hate gays – ergo Liberals hate gays…

Beheading Of Gays Needed To Correct ‘Deviant Lifestyle’

“I’m Muslim and I believe 110 percent in Sharia law.”

“You know what happens in Islamic countries? You know what happens to the gay people, correct? They’re beheaded,” the caller said. “I’m going to fight as hard as I can with all my Muslim brothers and sisters to make Sharia law in the United States.

Meanwhile – the “Moderate Muslims” gather in Pakistan…

Collective effort: Members of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh are demanding the arrest of 'atheist bloggers who insulted Islam' and to pass laws punishing those who 'insulted Islam in the parliament'

Collective effort: Members of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh are demanding the arrest of ‘atheist bloggers who insulted Islam’ and to pass laws punishing those who ‘insulted Islam in the parliament’

The Religion of Peace

Atlas Shrugs

They were given a choice: die, convert or flee…

26 Mar

Apartheid Palestine

The real apartheid is in Sharia states, where the oppression of women and non-Muslims is institutionalized.

There were once an estimated 900,000 Jews across the Arab world, but today there are less than a few thousand. They were given a choice: die, convert or flee.

Meanwhile, 20 percent of Israel’s population is Arab, and free Arab citizens sit on the highest courts of the land, represent Israel abroad, and hold political office. An Arab living (and thriving) in the Jewish state is fulfilling a human right.

How does this obvious contradiction make it past the human rights geniuses at the UN?

The answer is almost as old as humankind: intolerance, xenophobia, bigotry and lawyers.

And the media…

Jihad Watch

Why do White Liberals Demand Gun Control?

25 Mar

Because they are afraid of Blacks with Guns…


They needn’t worry – unless they’re depressed…


Apparently living in areas with high percentages of Black residents is dangerous – for Blacks…


WaPo can’t read their own copy …”Suicide gun deaths are more common than homicide gun deaths”? Only if you’re White

California and Illinois – suicide free zones…

We have blogged about this “phenomenon” previously…

Washington Post

Islamist Paedophile Burns Islamist Jihadist

25 Mar

Seems like a difference without distinction…


#MyJihad in Seattle

A SeaTac man whose plans to wage “jihad” against a South Seattle military office were derailed by a child-molesting friend was sentenced to 18 years in prison Monday.

Having admitted to planning the terrorist attack in June 2011, Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif also faces 10 years of supervised release.

“Abdul-Latif said that ‘jihad’ in America should be a ‘physical jihad,’ and not just ‘media jihad,‘ expressing his view that it was necessary to take action rather than just talk,” an FBI special agent told the court.

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Watch

“Brothers, don’t betray us!”

25 Mar

I don’t understand why it is money laundering when it’s in Cyprus, when in London it’s a perfectly respectable company.”

Seriously? Isn’t it self evident…?

When the Russians leave who is going to stay at the Four Seasons for $500 a night? Angela Merkel?” one wealthy Russian asks rhetorically, as The FT reports, they are receiving a deluge of overseas phone calls from helpful Swiss bankers looking to swoop up the deposit transfers. “The locals should understand: as soon as the money leaves, the people who go to restaurants, buy cars and buy property leave too. The Cypriots’ means of living will disappear,”

It’s already gone…

Zero Hedge


We’ve Already Walked in the Guns…

25 Mar

U.S. Border Patrol Uniforms Manufactured in Mexico

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has granted uniform contracts to VF Imagewear, Inc., an apparel company that relies on manufacturing sites in Mexico for a “significant percentage” of its occupational garments.

Stupid is as Stupid Does…


Let’s hope there is a run on Spanish banks….

25 Mar

The sooner this mad experiment in the eurozone ends, the better.

Mr Farage said: “Even I didn’t think that they would stoop to actually stealing money from people’s bank accounts.

“There is going to be a big flight of money and that flight of money won’t just be from Cyprus, it will be from the other eurozone countries, too. There are 750,000 British people who own properties, or who live, many of them in retirement, down in Spain.

“Now that we see the EU are prepared to resort to anything to keep alive their failing euro project, our advice to expats living down in the Mediterranean must be, ‘Get your money out of there while you’ve still got a chance’.”

Telegraph via Mish’s

Yesterday Cyprus, Today Spain, Tomorrow UK…

25 Mar

If you have any investments in the EU – get out while you can…

Spain Brings the Pain to Bank Investors

The government had warned that the losses imposed on investors at the nationalized banks would be significant. The FROB had ordered external valuations, which found that their liabilities far exceeded their assets. In Bankia’s case, an evaluation found that it had a negative value of €4.15 billion.

Nonetheless, imposing losses on investors is one of the politically difficult steps required of Spain in exchange for just over €40 billion in EU aid because most of those who made investments in the troubled lenders were small depositors.

Many of these small savers have taken to the streets to protest their expected losses in recent months, claiming they were misled into believing that that they were buying low-risk savings products, not risky bonds or shares.

Should be a full blown EU banking “crisis” by Friday…


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