Grover Norquist is a Low Tax Islamist…

5 Mar

Dhimmitude – CPAC Style

Al Cardenas’s intellectual dishonesty is breathtaking. First off, I have never been invited to speak at CPAC, ever. His contention that it was only after I exposed Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan is patently dishonest. Despite my historic first amendment wins against NYC and Washington DC or the triumph of the defeat of the Ground Zero mosque, it was always a battle to hold an event there. They never invited me even before I spoke one word of what I knew about Norquist and Khan. So Cardenas is being untruthful.
These checks made out to Grover Norquist’s organization, The Islamic Institute, are not “ad hominem.”

Grover alamoudi checks

Grover is feverishly working to get Alamoudi a reduced sentence. Above checks are monies Alamoudi gave to Grover Norquist.


God is Great…

Atlas Shrugged


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