Who Needs God and Elected Officials…

7 Mar

When you have a Supreme Court…

Court decision a blow to free speech

…Whatcott broke no laws, assaulted no person and caused no material damage to any person or property.   He did, apparently, offend the sensibilities of an individual which, while not a civil or criminal offense, is a “human rights” offense, under Canada’s Pierre Trudeau-inspired Human Rights Commissions. Sticks, stones and now names can hurt you.

…In other words, our Supreme Court has ruled that because someone fears harm may be done by speech, but the extent of that harm is not demonstrable, no proof of harm is required to bring about the full force of the law.

Once we depended on the courts to protect us from the Crown.  It seems unlikely we can ever depend on the Crown to protect us from the court.  From now on, be careful what you say.


Canada’s Supreme Court makes laws and confers rights…

Penticton Western News


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