EU – First They Come For Your Guns

16 Mar

Then they come for your money…

Eurozone Country: Surprise! We’re Putting at Least a 6.75% Tax on Your Bank Deposits

People with bank accounts in Cyprus were shocked Saturday to learn that as part of an agreement reached with international creditors, the government has imposed a tax on all deposits to help bail out the nation and its banks.

While the island nation may be small, it’s an international favorite for offshore banking– particularly for wealthy Russians.  The tax will range from 6.75% to 9.9%, depending on how much is in the account.

“This is a clear-cut robbery,” Andreas Moyseos, a former electrician who is now a pensioner in Nicosia, told the New York Times. Iliana Andreadakis, a book critic, further added: “This issue doesn’t only affect the people’s deposits, but also the prospect of the Cyprus economy. The E.U. has diminished its credibility.”

Luckily Cyrpus is so “small” what just happened there will never happen anywhere else: after all in Europe nobody has ever heard of “setting an example“. Or so the thinking among Europe’s unthinking political elite goes…

Its never different this time…

The Blaze, Zero Hedge



2 Responses to “EU – First They Come For Your Guns”

  1. anonemiss March 17, 2013 at 1:30 am #

    “Luckily Cyrpus is so “small” what just happened there will never happen anywhere else”

    Cyprus is bigger than Malta, read: And then there was Malta

    • kootenaybob March 17, 2013 at 7:32 am #

      Now the EU argument will be that nation states must surrender their sovereignty to “save the euro”. Say so long to what little democracy remains. Civil unrest, and probably war coming – Malta and Cyprus have no armies…that’s what makes them easy targets – but the EU will need to confiscate all the private wealth of Europe to survive. The survival of the EU is now about the ego and influence of the Communists in charge, and they will do anything to stay in power. They continue to demonstrate their desire – its just a wonder more Europeans haven’t risen up – yet.

      Stock up on tinned food and ammo….

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