“…tunnel vision in the UK about climate change…”

25 Mar

Have politicians had a mental blackout?

The UK parliament has committed itself – in what may well be the most expensive and boneheaded act of all time – to cutting emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. So now the aim is to wind down coal use, while boosting wind power, with gas and nuclear as awkward compromises.

In future, UK consumers are not only paying extra for green energy but are forking out for an effective governments-can’t-make-a-decision surcharge, too.

From the economy to energy production, the inability of governments to act decisively has become a material force in its own right, which holds back society. The real problem with UK politics today is that there’s somebody home but the lights are off – and if the situation continues, that won’t just be metaphorically.


One of the ideas that seems to be widely believed is that human produced greenhouse gases, chiefly CO2, has dominated the warming of the earth in the last century. It is a simple quantitative matter to show that this is completely false.

Settled Science….

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