Global Cooling – We Are So Screwed…

3 Apr

Global Cooling – Methods and Testable Decadal Predictions…

  1.  Significant temperature drop at about 2016-17
  2.  Possible unusual cold snap 2021-22
  3.  Built in cooling trend until  at least 2024
  4.  Temperature Hadsst3 moving average anomaly 2035  – 0.15
  5.  Temperature Hadsst3 moving average anomaly 2100  – 0.5
  6.  General Conclusion – by 2100 all the 20th century temperature rise will have been reversed,
  7.  By 2650  earth could possibly be back to the depths of the little ice age.
  8.  The effect of increasing CO2 emissions will be minor but beneficial  – they may slightly ameliorate the forecast cooling and help maintain crop yields .
  9. Warning !!  There are some signs in the Livingston and Penn Solar data that a sudden drop to the Maunder Minimum Little Ice Age temperatures could be imminent – with a much more rapid and economically disruptive cooling than that forecast above which may turn out to be a best case scenario.

Good thing we have all that wind power and pixie dust to keep us warm…



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