Housing Got Us Into This Mess…

3 Apr

And apparently is going to keep us here..

Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit

President Obama’s economic advisers and outside experts say the nation’s much-celebrated housing rebound is leaving too many people behind, including young people looking to buy their first homes and individuals with credit records weakened by the recession.

Meanwhile, the Obama Economy seems to be working…

U.S. sees highest poverty spike since the 1960s

It’s an ideological fight that dates back decades. Republicans work from the premise that by unleashing the private sector and removing government controls, all Americans will prosper along with the economy and benefits will flow down to lower-income earners.

Democrats insist there is an essential role for government in putting a floor under the poor and helping local governments with problems that the private sector cannot or will not shoulder.

So Conservatives want people to have jobs, and the Liberals want everyone to have a mortgage…

Enjoy the Decline

WaPo, Daily Mail via Drudge


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