The Tolerant Religion of Peace…

3 Apr

Bangladesh arrests bloggers for “defaming Islam and Muhammad”

They have hurt the religious feelings of the people by writing against different religions and their prophets and founders including the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh),” said deputy commissioner of Dhaka police, Molla Nazrul Islam.

The government has blocked about a dozen websites and blogs to stem the unrest. It also set up a panel, which included intelligence chiefs, to snoop for blasphemy in the social media.

Last week the telecoms regulator ordered two sites to remove hundreds of posts of seven bloggers whose writings it said offended Muslims.

Stoning is too good for them…

Meanwhile over the mountains in the peaceful republic of Pakistan…

Pakistani youth prefer Sharia to democracy

Pakistani youth would prefer Islamic law or military rule over democracy, a British Council survey suggests.

More than half of 5,000 18-29 year-old Pakistanis polled said democracy had not been good for them or the country.

They can vote for Sharia…once

Jihad Watch

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