How Many Lone Wolves Make a Sleeper Cell?

1 May

Or An AQ Affiliate….?

Boston police say three additional suspects have been taken into custody in Boston Marathon bombings investigation.

Their names have not been released.  Police said more details will be released later today.

Earlier today, lawyers for two men friendly with suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev said their clients have been extensively interviewed by federal investigators.

.Let’s say your college roommate asked you to take backpacks filled with fireworks to the dumpster just a day or two after terrorists bombed the city. You might not be bright enough to put two and two together just on that account. But when the FBI shows up afterward, why not just tell them, “Hey, Joe told me to dump some backpacks that had fireworks in them, and I’ll show you where I took them”?…

Hot Air


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