The Religion of Pussies

4 Jun

“…there are incidents and there are incidents…”

One kind of incident is having your head chopped off in the street. Another kind is having someone say on Facebook that he disapproves of religious views that promote chopping peoples’ heads off in the street. It turns out that the anti-Muslim “backlash” consists almost entirely of the latter kind.

It turns out that not a single Muslim in Great Britain suffered any physical injury requiring medical treatment in the course of the awful “backlash” over Woolrich. This is not really a surprise, of course: there is no religion other than Islam in which the pros and cons of mass murder are a matter of theological debate, and even atheists rarely attack strangers in the street. But, as always, it is far easier to denounce “Islamophobia” and to harass those who speak their minds on Twitter than to deal with the reality of Great Britain’s decline.

Power Line


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