Wonder if He Has a Pressure Cooker?

4 Jun

Racist Islamophobic Michigan state rep accuses Arab-American leader of sexual harassment

She described Hamad’s advances as “aggressive.”

“He made references to my breasts, played with my hair when I was on the phone, and made sexual comments throughout the day,” she wrote. “This is why I only worked at ADC Michigan for five months.”

Tlaib said in an interview on Saturday that she decided to write the letter after seeing a photo on Facebook of Hamad with three female summer interns.

Imad Hamad postes with summer interns in photo he posted May 29 on his personal Facebook page

Tlaib claims that Hamad’s harassment consisted of aggressive groping, stroking of hair, rubbing his body against women, trying to kiss them, commenting in suggestive ways on women’s body parts, paddling women and pressuring women to sleep with him.

Here’s a shocking tidbit…

According to one website, Hamad came to the U.S. on a student visa and violated it and has been the subject of numerous FBI terror investigations.

Creeping Sharia


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