But I thought “moderate Muslims” were the majority?

10 Jun

Canada’s 18 Moderate Muslims…

I’ve personally seen hundreds, even thousands, of not-so-moderate Muslims assembled on the streets of Toronto, again and again and again. So have you.

But this was the biggest number of “moderates” this event could attract, despite being advertised widely on social media.

According to one attendee on Sunday, an organizer gave him the usual “excuse”:

That there are hundreds, even thousands of “moderate Muslims” in the Toronto area, but they are “afraid of being photographed and intimidated.”

Or in the words of the current Turkish Prime Minister…

First of all, the ‘moderate Islam’ concept is wrong. The word ‘Islam’ is a simple word — it is only Islam. If you say ‘moderate Islam,’ then an alternative is created.”

If there is no alternative, there is only one solution.

 Dodo  via Five Feet of Fury,

Atlas Shrugs


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