Obama’s Al Qaeda Circular Logic

13 Aug

Al Qaeda is Our Enemy, Al Qaeda is our Friend…

…for almost two years, the Obama Administration has encouraged and supported efforts to oust Assad, even going as far as to help the Syrian rebels Al Qaeda operatives get weapons to use against the Syrian Army. For starters, Bashar Assad does not pose a threat to the United States. Mr. Assad has not attacked the United States, its citizens or its installations overseas. Al Qaeda has done that. Who is fighting to unseat Mr. Assad? AL QAEDA!! So, per Morrell, who do we need to get rid of? Mr. Assad.

And who does Obama want to arm…

As foreign fighters pour into Syria at an increasing clip, extremist groups are carving out pockets of territory that are becoming havens for Islamist militants, posing what United States and Western intelligence officials say may be is developing into one of the biggest terrorist threats in the world today.

The Obama Doctrine – Safe Havens for Terrorists….

No Quarter, NYT





One Response to “Obama’s Al Qaeda Circular Logic”

  1. Alex Jones August 13, 2013 at 2:04 pm #

    Obama is a useless leader when it comes to foreign policy.

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